About Us

At Esquisito Tequila, we pride ourselves in the art of creating Ultra Premium Tequila. We understand that making tequila requires careful consideration of many variables, and that's why we take a unique approach to crafting our product.

Our tequila-making process starts with using only the finest quality 6-year-old Blue Weber Agave, grown in our very own fields in Arandas, Jalisco. We believe in only using the heart of the agave, known as "El Corazon de la Piña," which is the best part of the plant and ensures a superior product.

We also use traditional and artisanal methods for our tequila, such as cooking the agave in brick ovens instead of industrial ovens. This process brings out the natural sugars and flavors, resulting in a premium tequila with great taste.

Our Fermentation process is slow and deliberate, using a proprietary yeast that helps us achieve the perfect amount of sweetness desired. 

We use a slow and selective distillation process that ensures only the middle part of the distilled juice is used while the rest is discarded, resulting in a premium quality tequila that's exceptionally smooth.

Our Reposado Tequila is aged for 6 months in White Oak Barrels to create the perfect balance of tequila blanco notes with wooden toffee and oak notes. 

Lastly, a very important variable to our process is that we utilize a slow and precise oxigenation process to ensure our Esquisito Tequila maintains its right tasting notes while achieving a super smooth finish and an exquisite after-taste.

We take pride in our craft and the unique approach we take to create our Ultra Premium Tequila.